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We are a community rehabilitation centre serving the Darndale Belcamp area since 1998. Our focus is to concentrate on activities that build self efficacy and self worth to enable individuals to engage positively in their own lives, their families and their communitie. RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) have been on the front line in the battle to save lives through community rehabilitation. We are the only community rehabilitation centre located in the Dublin17 area that supports problematic drug misusers from the local community, by providing a programme to support them in their rehabilitation.

RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) Ltd, 
10c Ringuard House,
Greencastle Parade,
Malahide Road Industrial Estate,
Dublin 17


Telephone: (01) 877-4184 / (01) 877-4185

Fax: (01) 877-4193

Registered Charity No.: Chy17351

E-mail: info@raspprogramme.com