The drugs that I had put into my body heroin, crack, and crystal meth had taken their toll on my body. I realised that I was going nowhere and it was time to stop. I became clear headed and applied for a place in RASP. After three months of giving clean urine; I was given a place.

I am now on the programme nine months and am stable, reducing gradually my medication. I am part of the Laneview Players and love participating in productions. Every day is a struggle but I am learning what to do and not to do to aid my recovery and as a result a lot about myself. I am optimistic that with courage and strength that I will continue to reduce my methadone and become totally drug free..

I love drama and would love to be an actress. My family and RASP has been so supportive. It is the first time in sixteen years that I have structure in my life.

Former RASP Programme Participant