George Project Worker within the Homeless Services

my story starts December 2004 and ended in 2014 as i moved into the homeless sector working with the homeless witch i also in joy doing .when i started in rasp as a security guard on a community employment scheme .

after finishing my 3 years c/e an opportunity came for assistant c/e supervisor ,after applying for the position and had my interview.

i became the new assistant supervisor of rasp ware i spent a further 7 years there,i grew as a person and gained a lot of friends as well as work colleges 

my training in rasp helped me to gain the experience i have today working in the homeless sector ,the management makes sure the staff gain the experience and values needed to support those most venerable in society  today ,there values and mission is to support all service users, and low threshold client 

by helping them become part of the community once again by classes that are suitable to there needs and present an unique approach to the addiction service,i have learned a lot in rasp over the ten years and have no regrets . i would like to thank the Board= pat Hanna= Teresa = Peter and all the support teams/staff -Ann-Marie that have worked there over the 10 years i was there. (doing a great job keep it up) . signing off- with a small quote .


(never look down on other people unless you are willing to help them up)

Former RASP Assistant CE Supervisor