Martin Nursing Home Carer

l look back and I find I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't applied for the job in rasp a few years ago, I was encouraged by Teresa to  do as much training as possible to push and motivate myself to getting the job I wanted, advice and feedback as well as ideas was always appreciated from all staff when it came close to handing assignments in, I found the staff to be like a close family there were always times for bannter not forgetting or dismissing work in any format, as well as working there and interacting with staff it was great to meet the participants each day getting to know them individually and be an out let to listen to them if they wanted advice or vent,this wasn't part of my job but it was nice to be appreciated knowing I could maybe help them in a small way offering advice, in closing if I was given a chance to do it again I would jump at the chance  as I still miss working there and miss the staff, but I know there only a phone call away if I need them  





Former Receptionist on RASP CE Programme 2017