Rasp attends Conference "Addressing new Drug threats"

Rasp attended a conference in the European Parliment Office. This conference was very informative and a warning signal  to services of the new drug treats in Dublin among young people. 

 In Dublin's inner city, there is a growing problem of benzodiazepines ('benzos') use, particularly among young people, along with a growing illicit trade in prescription drugs. The major problem with benzodiazepine use is that when mixed with alcohol or when used to enhance the effect of other drugs, it can lead to very serious consequences for individuals and for communities

This conference shed some light on the problems that benzodiazepine use can lead to. In the EU and other parts of the world, for a long time there has rightly been a major focus on the more common drugs like heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.  But there has been little attention given to drugs such as benzodiazepine and other prescription drugs.  The conference highligted this issue, particularly through the lens of how it affects Dublin, but also tried to learn and focus on how these drugs maybe  affecting  other cities.  This event was an opportunity to share best practice on how different regions have dealt with new drug problems like benzodiazepines.

 Speakers will include:


·        Minister of State with responsibility for National Drugs Strategy, Catherine Byrne;

·        Paul Griffiths, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs,

·        Eric Caffrey, Project Manager - Core Youth Service

·        Dr Johnny Connolly, University of Limerick

·        Katerina Nugent, Director of the Youth Work Degree in Dundalk Institute of Technology

·        Eddie Darcy, CEO of Solas Project

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