My life changed the day I left the hospital after nearly losing my leg. I had realised that enough was enough and I wanted my life back. After a year being clean from street drugs I applied for a place in the educational programme at RASP and was accepted. Before I started I had no confidence or belief in myself. After a while doing the courses I realised that I had intelligence and that I could make a life for myself. Before my drug life I had done hairdressing; thanks to all the care team at RASP I got a start in a salon.

It was brilliant to be back out working. I kept reminding myself how well I was doing now in my life. By now, I have received a lot of Certs and am working in a salon. Then the unbelievable happened; I was pregnant. I could not believe that I would be so blessed to be a mother. I thought all those years of drug abuse had ruined my body and ability to be a mother.

I have reduced my methadone maintenance to ten ml. This is significant as when I started in RASP I was on one hundred and fifty mls and a lot of other medication. Now I don’t even take a sleeping tablet. This time next year I hope to be completely clean and the best mother that I can possibly be to my son. I would not be the person I am today without the help I receive from all of the care team at RASP

Former RASP Programme Participant