Everything changed for me the day my first child was born. I had a little baby to look after. The last thing I wanted was the other kids on the street coming up to her telling her that her daddy is a junkie. Life would be hard enough for them without carrying that stigma.

I am now in Rasp and my life is good as I have now realised that there is a life outside drugs I received a lot of support from them when I was sick and when my mother passed away. I know that I will never return to taking heroin. The only challenge now is to stop smoking weed. I pray that next year I will be off methadone and prescription drugs.

I will take each day at a time. My ambition is to get my HGV licence. I hope that my children stay in school and never go on drugs. I hope that they will meet nice blokes that will look after them.

Former RASP Programme Participant