The Programme

The Programme is a psychosocial approach, using a blended model of CRA (community response approach) and Choice Theory. Our programme cov­ers a range of both psychological support and vocation skills, such as:
Computer studies, Literacy support, Group Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art, Cookery, One to One Support, Family Support, Counseling, Homelessness and Advocacy Support, Work Experience, Post Prison Support, Stabilization Programme and After Care Support etc.

The close vicinity of our centre to the HSE Belview Addiction Services, Belcamp Lane has provided an opportunity for the care team of RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) Ltd to work hand in hand with the HSE staff­ as a multi-disciplinary support team. This is a unique approach to addiction that is unprecedented in this country. RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) Ltd offers an opportunity for the individual to work towards achieving their maximum potential in life through the delivery of a structured programme.

Who can access RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) Ltd.

The HSE Addiction Service or your GP can make a referral to our centrer for a participant who is ready to enter a rehabilitation programme. This centre has a clinical team whom access all potential participants.

  • Must have a genuine desire to change, be motivated and willing to fully participate in the rehabilitation programme.
  • Must be on a methadone programme Is attending and has been recommended by the HSE Addicition Services or have a written recommendation from a local Doctor.
  • Who with the agreement of the applicant is willing to contract with the centre to regularly share information regarding urinalysis and to inform the centre about changes in the drugs prescribed to the client and the general progression of the applicant.
  • Is free from street drug use and non-prescribed drugs for three months (rare exceptions may be considered following a full care team discussion and a possible extended probationary period).
  • Is committed to exploring reduction in methadone dosage and aspires to be drug free. Provide their prescribing GP is in agreement and are willing to provide medical supervision.
  • Is not using excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • Has been stable on prescribed medication (methadone or psychoactive medication) for at least six weeks.
  • Must inform the centre if attending or has been attending a psychiatric team regularly in the past or is on medication prescribed by a psychiatrist or a G.P. for mental health reasons.
  • Has no recent history of violence.
  • Has no serious criminal charges pending that are likely to lead to a custodial sentence.
  • Is not a close relative of a staff­ member or of the current client group.
  • Is not in a relationship with a member of staff­ or of the current client group.
  • Is willing to sign all contractual agreements with the centre regarding the sharing of confidential information with other health care professionals.

Please Note

All participants of the RASP (Laneview Learning Centre) LTD remain patients of the H.S.E Addiction Service during their tenure of contract.