Dionne Accredited Counsellor / Former Support Worker RASP
" I came to RASP looking for a job; I found so much more – family, friends, and the opportunity to learn and make an amazing difference not only in my life but all those I come in contact with. I am truly blessed to have been part of such a wonderful place and to work side by side with such caring people. I did not view RASP as my job; it was just another  part of my daily life. If you want to service people in the deepest way, and live your life being authentic while striving for excellence, this is the place to work. Get ready for a life-changing  "
John / Former RASP Programme Participant
" Everything changed for me the day my first child was born. I had a little baby to look after. The last thing I wanted was the other kids on the street coming up to her telling her that her daddy is a junkie. Life would be hard enough for them without carrying that stigma. I am now in Rasp and my life is good as I have now realised that there is a life outside drugs I received a lot of support from them when I was sick and when my mother passed away. I know that I will never return to taking heroin. The only challenge now is to stop smoking weed. I pray that next year I will be off methadone and prescription drugs. I will take each day at a time. My ambition is to get my HGV licence. I hope that my children stay in school and never go on drugs. I hope that they will meet nice blokes that will look after them. "
Mary / Former RASP Programme Participant
" The drugs that I had put into my body heroin, crack, and crystal meth had taken their toll on my body. I realised that I was going nowhere and it was time to stop. I became clear headed and applied for a place in RASP. After three months of giving clean urine; I was given a place. I am now on the programme nine months and am stable, reducing gradually my medication. I am part of the Laneview Players and love participating in productions. Every day is a struggle but I am learning what to do and not to do to aid my recovery and as a result a lot about myself. I am optimistic that with courage and strength that I will continue to reduce my methadone and become totally drug free.. I love drama and would love to be an actress. My family and RASP has been so supportive. It is the first time in sixteen years that I have structure in my life. "
Rachel / Former RASP Programme Participant
" My life changed the day I left the hospital after nearly losing my leg. I had realised that enough was enough and I wanted my life back. After a year being clean from street drugs I applied for a place in the educational programme at RASP and was accepted. Before I started I had no confidence or belief in myself. After a while doing the courses I realised that I had intelligence and that I could make a life for myself. Before my drug life I had done hairdressing; thanks to all the care team at RASP I got a start in a salon. It was brilliant to be back out working. I kept reminding myself how well I was doing now in my life. By now, I have received a lot of Certs and am working in a salon. Then the unbelievable happened; I was pregnant. I could not believe that I would be so blessed to be a mother. I thought all those years of drug abuse had ruined my body and ability to be a mother. I have reduced my methadone maintenance to ten ml. This is significant as when I started in RASP I was on one hundred and fifty mls and a lot of other medication. Now I don’t even take a sleeping tablet. This time next year I hope to be completely clean and the best mother that I can possibly be to my son. I would not be the person I am today without the help I receive from all of the care team at RASP "
George Project Worker within the Homeless Services / Former RASP Assistant CE Supervisor
" my story starts December 2004 and ended in 2014 as i moved into the homeless sector working with the homeless witch i also in joy doing .when i started in rasp as a security guard on a community employment scheme . after finishing my 3 years c/e an opportunity came for assistant c/e supervisor ,after applying for the position and had my interview. i became the new assistant supervisor of rasp ware i spent a further 7 years there,i grew as a person and gained a lot of friends as well as work colleges  my training in rasp helped me to gain the experience i have today working in the homeless sector ,the management makes sure the staff gain the experience and values needed to support those most venerable in society  today ,there values and mission is to support all service users, and low threshold client  by helping them become part of the community once again by classes that are suitable to there needs and present an unique approach to the addiction service,i have learned a lot in rasp over the ten years and have no regrets . i would like to thank the Board= pat Hanna= Teresa = Peter and all the support teams/staff -Ann-Marie that have worked there over the 10 years i was there. (doing a great job keep it up) . signing off- with a small quote .   (never look down on other people unless you are willing to help them up) "
Martin Nursing Home Carer / Former Receptionist on RASP CE Programme 2017
" l look back and I find I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't applied for the job in rasp a few years ago, I was encouraged by Teresa to  do as much training as possible to push and motivate myself to getting the job I wanted, advice and feedback as well as ideas was always appreciated from all staff when it came close to handing assignments in, I found the staff to be like a close family there were always times for bannter not forgetting or dismissing work in any format, as well as working there and interacting with staff it was great to meet the participants each day getting to know them individually and be an out let to listen to them if they wanted advice or vent,this wasn't part of my job but it was nice to be appreciated knowing I could maybe help them in a small way offering advice, in closing if I was given a chance to do it again I would jump at the chance  as I still miss working there and miss the staff, but I know there only a phone call away if I need them ☺           "
Jimmy / RASP Programme Participant 2017
" RASP has helped me personally, when i first started my CE placement,  I didn't know who I would FIT in, the staff and clients made me feel very welcome. Through a variety of education programmes RASP has to offer I have got a number of certs that helps me on my career path.  RASP has a lot to offer from education to group work shops, and on to one coming from a background of addiction the programme has giver me the tools helping me in my recovery.  It has given me structure and a good environment to work, the staff are only to happy to help you, in any way they can, I would recommend RASP to Any one. "