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Yesterday we attended a Book Launch held in  New Cross College.  The book which has been published is call  A Normal Life.   Stories of Recovery as told to the students of New Cross College by the clients of RASP.  The idea behind the book was to educate the students about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, students came and interviewed clients about their Recovery Journey.   This book is full of inspiring story’s of hope and a desire for a normal life.  New Cross College is selling copies of this book, so please its well worth getting a copy for yourself. 

Congradulations to Ciaran O’Doherty JSCP Librarian and his Students from New Cross College who did an amazing job on this book.  It was a great experience for RASP to visit their school and see the passion the students & staff had for this project . 

The Best of luck on your future sales of this amazing book.